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Right now this wiki has pages from mentors and mentoring organizations who participate in GSoC. Much of the information comes from GSoC Mentor Summits. These have been held annually since 2006 at Google headquarters in Mountain View California.

We would like this wiki to in time become a general resource for mentoring organizations participating in GSoC, and be of benefit to the Open Source community as a whole.

Participating in GSoC

General Resources


This section is for brainstorming pages.

  • Melange Tags - Melange doesn't have Tags yet. If it did, we'd be able to use them for OrgsByCategory and to help umbrella orgs with 100+ applicants. Please discuss on this page.
  • Diff Initiative - A cross project initiative to create and improve diff for different mime types.

Communication between organisations

This section is to promote collaboration between organizations.

Mentor Summits

Links to Mentor Summit wikis:

Casablanca Notes | Open Source Security | Global Free Software Marketing | School Career Hobby | Project Hosting Horrors | Integrating FFmpeg | Making Mentoring a Continuous Activity | Design in Open Source | Artist Asset Management | Recruiting and Retaining Awesome People | Learn Teach Anything | Next-Gen VCS | Making our communities more welcoming | Non-profits -- Do you need to be a non-profit? | Decentralized Application Platform | Pretty Pictures | Creating Your own Python Implementation | Parallel/MultiCore and GPU Algorithms | Customizing GSoC | L10N | Open source free text retrieval | Umbrella Organizations | FLOSS and the Invisible Hand of Publish or Perish | To Be Inclusive without Being Exclusive | Programming with novel interfaces | Multimedia (VLC, GStreamer, FFmpeg, etc.) | GHOP (Summer of Code for highschool students) | Reversing the Trend: Women in Open Source | Non-Linux OS Meetup | Linux distribution mini-summit | What the fork? | Role of the Org Admin | Coverage Analysis | FOSS communities in Asia | Communication | Ogre Lab | Open Source business roundtable | Content Management Systems meeting | Running Your Own GSoC |Nonviolent Communication | Freifunk and mesh networking | Artists, Translators and Coders unite | Geospatial, maps and geodata | How to talk to a failing student | The Solar System | Problems Audio Players Face Today
Generic Organizations Project Selection | Monetizing your Open Source Project (without being evil) | How to encourage students | Distributed Version Control Systems | FOSS Gaming | Open source in embedded systems | Multimedia and Open Source | Dojo Toolkit | Role of orgadmins to help projects succeed | Teaching open source software development principles in universities | Open Content in Games | Wikis used by developers: how to improve them | Integration platform testing strategies | Open-source CMS's - What we can learn from each other | Open Source Scientific Computing | Human Supercomputer Workshop | How to deal with assholes | Using chocolate as a motivational tool | Using GSOC to train non-programming students | General improvements to GSOC | Melange | Language Interoperability | GSoC_Avoid_Disappeared_Students | Webspam - What has changed since last year? | Confounding Evil Profiteers who abuse FOSS | Android | Casablanca Notes | FOSS Win32 Port | Multimedia Software - Graphics 3D/2D - Audio | What can GSoC Mentors take from Commercial Software Development | Open Source in K-12 Education | DVCS Boxing Match: Git v. Hg | Distributed Testing--How Does Your Project Do It
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